How can schools get involved in the Australian Marine Debris Initiative?

Schools can get involved in the AMDI by adopting a section of your local beach and committing to ongoing removal and monitoring of marine debris at this site. If your school wants to join the AMDI, we can provide you with beach clean-up materials and education resources to help with learning about marine debris and conducting an AMDI clean-up. You can also request a visit from us for school presentations, workshops and to support your school with beach clean-up events. Please let us know if you are planning a clean-up event to contribute to the AMDI Database at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or connect with us on Facebook.

The AMDI Database is a great opportunity for students to collect, report, analyse and compare results of other clean-up sites over time. It is free to utilise once you have agreed to the data use agreement.

Find out here which schools are already involved in AMDI activities across Australia.

On the Tangaroa Blue Foundation resources webpage you can find the following AMDI resources to help your school get involved:

  • Marine Debris Education Kit
  • Data Sheet for clean-ups
  • Manual "How to run a beach clean-up"
  • Identification manual for marine debris
  • Fact sheets
  • Previous reports
  • Source Reduction Plan.

Tangaroa Blue Foundation will soon be launching education videos on how to conduct an AMDI clean-up. To keep up to date on this please find us on Facebook.