How did Tangaroa Blue Foundation start?


In 2004 a small group of concerned individuals came together to clean beaches between Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste in Western Australia. As marine debris continuously flows onto the coastline, the project focused not only onto the removal of the marine debris, but also documenting what was being collected. This data could then be used to track items back to the source and assist in initiating change that would prevent marine debris from occuring. This was the beginning of Tangaroa Blue Foundation. 

The program soon gained momentum, spreading around the country and the Australian Marine Debris Initiative (AMDI) was launched. The AMDI platform provided a nation-wide framework to address marine debris and included a database collating all marine debris items collected by Tangaroa Blue Foundation and participating partners. To date, the AMDI database contains over 4 million entries. Almost 40,000 people and partners have contributed to beach clean-ups at over 1,400 different sites around Australia, and the list of partner organisations is constantly growing.