Warrnambool Cigarette Butt Bin

A ballot-style cigarette butt bin has been installed near the Pavilion Café in Warrnambool in mid-September 2019 to encourage smokers to do the right thing while helping to answer some burning questions, which will be changed every few months.


The first question was “ Does pineapple belong on a pizza?”

When the bin was inspected on 25th September, the “NO” side was winning.

This bin was brought to Warrnambool by a community member Karen Thomson from the Beers and Ideas team and generously supplied by Keep Australia Beautiful. Warrnambool City Council organised the delivery and installation of the bin and will continue to monitor it together with a Tangaroa Blue team member.


Bin will be emptied and butts counted in co-operation with Tangaroa Blue Foundation and Warrnambool City Council and data will be entered into AMDI.


The venue manager of Pavilion Café has already confirmed after just 2 weeks, they have collected fewer cigarette butts during their weekly collections since the bin was installed.


Next step will be to map out how many cigarette butts are still being found around the bin and if there are any other cigarette butt litter hotspots close by.

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