Please Bin Your Butts!

The Campbells Cove foreshore carpark is a litter hotpot within the Wyndham local government area, cigarette butts being the most common form of litter found. This litter item was the target of the Wyndham SRP workshop held in 2017. The aim was to reduce litter through public awareness via signage infrastructure.

Cigarette butt surveys were conducted to identify the hotpots on site, and Council installed signage that read “Too lovely to litter, Keep Wyndham Clean”. Follow up surveys, showed that rates of butt litter did not decrease, so more targeted signage was introduced that read “Please Bin Your Butts, Keep Wyndham Clean”. Follow up surveys are yet to determine the full effects of the new signs, but community members are now skilled in butt auditing and monitoring.

The SRP process created a strong network between community members and Wyndham City Council for future projects and initiatives.

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