Celebrating the Key Partnerships of Rig Recycle in Advancing the Circular Economy

In pursuit of a sustainable recreational fishing future, acknowledging the invaluable contributions of key partners becomes essential. Rig Recycle proudly extends its gratitude and highlights the instrumental role played by B&C Plastics in propelling the vision of a circular economy forward.

B&C Plastics: Leading the Injection Moulding Partnership

As part of the plastics steering group for Rig Recycle, B&C Plastics have been pivotal in steering the course toward innovation. Their collaboration and dedication as the lead injection moulding partner have been exemplary. This year marked a significant milestone with the successful testing of the plastics shredding line for the Marine Plastics Processing Cube (MPPC) which was funded through the Australian Government’s Reef Trust as part of our ReefClean program.

The partnership resulted in the first successful injection-moulded R&D product from collected Rig Recycle material, the bait-board scraper. This proof of concept is a testament of their commitment to driving tangible progress within the circular economy and transforming the plastics into new, impactful products.

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