First ‘Project ReCon’ Ghost Gear Captured

Project ReCon tracks and retrieves first deadly and destructive ghost gear 4 kms off the coast from Weipa

The first ghost gear has been tracked by Tangaroa Blue’s Project ReCon team and retrieved by Indigenous rangers 4 kms off the coast of Weipa.

With the support of Satlink, the Project ReCon team repurposed an echo sounder buoy, which was recovered during a recent clean-up, to track and monitor the 3 tonnes of discarded commercial fishing gear while the Indigenous rangers, Australian Border Force and Carpentaria Contracting mobilised to collect it.

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Project ReCon: Tracking Ghost Nets with Conflict Island Conservation Initiative

We are so excited to have the Conflict Island Conservation Initiative as a partner in Project ReCon!

Project ReCon is a collaboration between Tangaroa Blue and Satlink, a world-leading provider of technological solutions for the fishing sector. Tangaroa Blue and our AMDI partners collect commercial fishing GPS buoys during clean-up events, and Satlink facilitates reassigning ownership of these buoys from the commercial fishing fleet to Tangaroa Blue. This partnership enables us to embark on an innovative journey to address the ghost net issue in our oceans.

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