Town of Cottesloe Balloon Ban

In February 2016 Tangaroa Blue facilitated a Source Reduction Plan workshop in Cottesloe, Perth. We were supported by Keep Australia Beautiful WA, Earth Carers, Boycott Balloons Fremantle, and a huge number of local community members and organisations. One of the items that the community decided was a problem in the environment was balloons, and Cottlesloe Councillor Sandra Boulter, who attended the workshop, agreed and started working within council frameworks with community members to ban balloons. Today the council voted unanimously for the ban. One step closer! Well done everyone involved, this is a prime example of how data can assist local community and government for a great outcome!Kids parties will be run a little differently in Cottesloe with the Town banning the release of helium balloons. The council voted unanimously for the ban, prompted by environmental concerns.

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