Lantern Releases as Dangerous as Balloons

While paper lanterns might be seen as a more environmentally friendly alternative to balloon releases they do still have an environmental cost, as litter in the environment, a hazard for wildlife and a potential fire risk. After finding one which showed evidence of having been alight, while walking in bushland in Meelup Regional Park, Tangaroa Blue team member Renee decided to report her find. She contacted the Meelup Regional Park Committee, the City of Busselton and the Department of Parks and Wildlife (the key stakeholders in the area) to raise her concerns.

Within days the City of Busselton responded, regarding the releasing lanterns at Meelup and elsewhere within the City as a potential bushfire source and litter. The outcome of this being lantern releases are now listed as not permitted in all event approvals in the Meelup Regional Park and elsewhere in the City of Busselton. This will also be followed up by story in the local paper to raise further awareness of the issue.

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