Cottesloe does its bit for sea creatures

From The Post – May 27th, 2017

Cottesloe councillors were nice to turtles on World Turtle Day on Tuesday.

They voted unanimously to ask for public submissions on amending a council law to ban the use of balloons, and smoking on the beach.

Councillor Sandy Boulter took to the meeting a big contianer of rubbish she had picked up during her walks on the dog beach near North Street.

“I know you might be disgusted,” Ms Boulter said, as she flourished a perished plastic bag.

“This looks like a jellyfish. There’s an osprey diving there. We have to protect [animals].”

Earlier Perth zoo vet nurse Lisa Hills, vet Erin Young and Conservation Council directory Piers Verstegen urged councillors to proceed with the balloon ban.

“Today is World Turtle Day,” Ms Hills said. “Please take that into consideration.”

Some people in the public gallery gasped when Dr Young showed photos of what plastic litter did to animals.

“We need to stop treating [the oceans] like a rubbish dump,” she said.

She said she had once had to put down a sea turtle with severe internal injures from plastic litter.

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