Bye bye, balloons

You might have heard about the devastating effect balloons can have in the environment: Air filled balloons can get carried away by the wind and helium balloons sometimes travel hundreds of kilometres. But when they return to earth, marine and terrestrial animals can ingest them and die from clogged intestines. If there was a string attached to the balloon, this might wrap around limbs or necks and slowly strangle its victim. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do something about it? Fact is, that many people responsible for balloon use and releases have no intention to do any harm and are simply unaware of the consequences of their actions.

With our Balloon Release Action Guide we have now made it easier for individuals to raise awareness.

If you hear about a planned balloon release or if you find a balloon on the beach that has promotional print on it and can therefore be identified, you can now use one of our letter templates in the link mentioned above, fill it out and send it to the person in charge. We have found that this can have great impact on the targeted company causing them to rethink their promotional policies and find new alternatives. Another small step in the right direction.

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