Love Your Beach at Westgate Park!

ChristianMiller Tangaroa MelbourneOn Sunday 29th March local volunteers joined forces with members of Tangaroa Blue Foundation, Friends of Westgate Park, Beach Patrol and Port Phillip EcoCentre to clean-up the banks of the Yarra River in Westgate Park. Sponsored by Phoenix Drinks through their 'Love Your Beach Clean-Up Series', and supported by the Rotary Club of Albert Park who treated volunteers to a free BBQ lunch, the day gave an opportunity for people to explore the beauty of Westgate Park as well as volunteer to help address the issue of marine debris.


Love Your Beach Melbourne!

PLP A3 MelbourneUs Aussies love the coast, and that's why we've joined up with Phoenix Organic Drinks for the Love Your Beach clean-up series.

The next event will be held on the banks of the Yarra River in Westgate Park in Melbourne on Sunday March 29. This stretch of the the Yarra River is just a couple of kilometres from where it flows into famous Port Phillip Bay.

With close to 100% of the litter found on Port Phillip beaches coming from land-based sources, the Yarra River is one of the main tributaries that links the litter from Melbourne's streets to the debris along the coastline.

The Friends of Westgate Park regularly clean-up this area, but there's always more coming from upstream!

Members from Tangaroa Blue and Friends of Westgate Park will be joined by Beach Patrol, Port Phillip EcoCentre and local volunteers for the event which is open to everyone who loves your beach!


3182 Beach Patrol First Event

3182 Beach PatrolThe 3182 Beach Patrol held their first event on Saturday February 6th on St Kilda Beach. They had 36 starters and went flat out for an hour – and that was after the council had done their mechanical cleaning.  More than 50 kg collected and that was mainly cigarette butts, small glass bits, small plastics, socks and dummies. As well as the normal PET bottles and cans.  They now have 52 members and heading for 100 fast!

Next clean up day is with Earth Care St Kilda on Clean up Australia Day Sat 3rd March at 9am at West Beach Bathers Pavilion

For more information contact Graham Chappell Beach Patrol 3182 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3206 Beach Patrol Summer Event!

3206 logoA HUGE thanks to everyone for coming along on Saturday. With over 80 hands, large and small hard at work, we picked up a huge amount of litter and rubbish from the beach along Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne - more than15 bags full .The major culprits of cigarette butts, straws and plastic bags are still raising their ugly heads - and sadly six syringes were picked up too. We are not a totally safe bare foot beach yet but we are getting there and the goal remains intact!

It was great to see the locals mixing at the Sand Bar afterwards and as always the stars of the show were our children. It's so incredible how they get in to the task and then let it rip with fun in the sun, sand and sea!

A special thanks to Beach Pat roller Captain Kelly for bringing along the boat and taking the kids for a well deserved joy ride!

We know not everyone can make it along as lives are very busy but thanks to ALL our members for your continued support in the future. By the end of summer we will have 3182 and 3186 Beach Patrol. This would not have happened without the enthusiasm and support of our very special hood, 3206!

Merry Christmas and Happy Summer Days to everyone

Guy Boston

3206 Beach Patrol

3206 Beach Patrol Gets Ready for Summer!

2012 3206Dear 3206 Beach Patrollers,

Its time for us to hit the sand and give our shore line a nice Spring Clean!

Please join the action at 9am on Saturday Dec 3 starting at either Mc Gregor St or Victoria Ave which ever suits you best. From either point we will head towards the Sandbar Cafe where we will meet for coffee at approx 10am and let the kids run riot , bare foot, on a nice clean beach!

The "clean beach movement" is building big time with local council bolstering their cleaning efforts, trial storm water litter traps now installed and The CoPP are also about to introduce a brand new long term plan for Port Phillip Foreshore Management.


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