Join A 2019 Cape York Event!


Every year Tangaroa Blue and groups of ambitious volunteers explore the Cape York region, visiting five different locations with the mission to remove tonnes of marine debris washing up on these remote coastal hotspots. Those who join us on these Adventure Clean-ups get to experience a region that many will never see and enjoy one of Australia’s last true wilderness areas. Volunteers will also witness for themselves the devastating effects of plastic, not only on our country but our oceans and marine life. The data collected has shown reductions in tonnage over the years, but the problem persists and seeing such a beautiful and remote part of the country riddled in unnatural items is heartbreaking.

Check out last year’s story and results here.


Registration is now open for 2019’s ‘Cape York Clean-up Tour’ to help us continue rehabilitating and restoring the area to its natural state, and also to assist in recording what items are washing up so it can be logged into the 15-year-old Australian Marine Debris Initiative Database that enables change at the source of litter.  Join the team this year for an adventure you’ll never forget!

Dates for the 2019 clean-ups (including travel departing from Cairns, QLD):

o   Cape Bedford, Hopevale – 4 - 11 May

o   Captain Billy’s Landing, Cape York – 8 - 16 June

o   Mapoon Beach, Cape York – 13 - 21 July

o   Chilli Beach, Lockhart River – 10 - 18 August

o   Five Beaches Loop, Somerset – 21 - 29 September


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 Despite the disheartening vision of marine debris, Cape York still has much beauty to offer. 

Cape Bedford is encompassed by mountains and incredible sand dunes, with a stunning view of Rainbow Beach that can be explored to see the blend of coloured sands up close.  Captain Billy’s Landing is towards the tip of the Cape York Peninsula, with a remarkable cliff-like coastline and nearby crystal-clear waterfall and swim hole.  Mapoon is the only clean-up conducted on the west coast of the Cape York Peninsula, displaying beautiful pink sunsets that spread across the sky.  Chilli Beach, just north of Lockhart, is a 7km stretch of white tropical sand, fringed with coconut palms, impressive sand dunes and magnificent pink sunrises that make this place paradise!  Finally, Five Beaches Loop takes you on a journey to the tip of Australia. Check visiting Far North Queensland off your bucket list while doing your bit for the environment. What more could you ask for? Join us today!


This year’s Cape York Clean-up events are funded by the Australian Government’s Reef Trust, the Australian Government’s Improving Your Local Parks and Environment Grant, and the Queensland Government’s Community Sustainability Action Grants.

There are also Adventure Clean-ups happening on Orpheus, Cocos and Christmas Islands. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register and visit our website’s event calendar to find out more.