Containers overboard litter NSW Central Coast

2018 shipping containerNSW's Central Coast beaches are being covered with successive waves of rubbish from a recent shipping accident. Following heavy swell and rough conditions at sea on the night of Thursday 31 May, 83 shipping containers were lost overboard from the Liberian ship YM Efficiency, which was making its way from Taiwan to Sydney. Not only do the containers pose a danger for other boats but the contents of these containers will now create a huge hazard for marine life for months, if not years to come.

Some of the debris that has already washed ashore includes nappies, surgical masks, plastic containers, food in plastic bags and even clocks and car parts. Areas badly affected include Jimmy’s Beach, Rocky Point, Fingal Head and Yacaaba Headland.

2018 Shipping container 2Wonderful local volunteers have been doing their best each day to clean up what the tide brings in. Clean up teams directed by the State Marine Pollution Controller have also been despatched and The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is investigating the accident.

Tangaroa Blue Foundation's Managing Director visited the Hawks Nest last week, reporting that it was easy to find some of the lost items along the latest tide lines. "The local community will be cleaning up after this mess for a while." and "Incidents like these show how important a protocol compensating communities that are left to deal with the clean-up effort when shipping containers are lost at sea."