Seaside Scavenge for Rewards!

201603 Seaside ScavageLocal Tangaroa Blue representatives teamed up with Seaside Scavenge for a very unique way to clean up the beach in North Wollongong, and get a new wardrobe at the same time! Volunteers who participated received 1 token for every 10 pieces of rubbish collected.

After receiving your tokens, you could purchase donated clothing items, shoes, jewelry and books with them. We loved this unique community engagement method to attract beachgoers in to participating, while recycling and reusing gently used donated items!

Dozens of volunteers participated through out the day, and we were able to remove 97 kilos from North Wollongong Beach! Most collected items from the day were over 1,800 cigarette butts, 422 plastic food packaging, 172 straws, 127 glass drink bottles, 124 aluminum cans, and 91 plastic drink bottles. Thanks to Seaside Scavenge for the dedication to data collection and contributing to the Australian Marine Debris Database.