Australian Marine Debris Initiative Information Page

AMDI LogoThe Australian Marine Debris Initiative is a network of communities, schools, industries, government agencies and individuals focused on reducing the amount of marine debris washing into our oceans.

On every beach around Australia you will find some form of marine debris, from litter left by visitors to international debris, to ghost nets or rubbish washed from far inland through stormwater drains.

The statistics are horrifying with the United Nationals' Regional Seas Program estimating more than 18,000 pieces of plastic in each square kilometre of ocean; and other research estimating more than 8 million tonnes of debris entering the world's oceans each year. The majority of this marine debris is plastic, which due to its chemical makeup is a long lasting material. Plastics, once released into the environment, never biodegrade, instead photodegrading breaking into smaller and smaller pieces of the original item, forever remaining in the environment.

The Australian Marine Debris Initiative is a way that everyone can become involved in both the removal of marine debris and finding solutions to stop the flow of rubbish into our oceans.

The Australian Marine Debris Initiative includes:Tangaroa-Blue-Yanchep-2

  • Marine debris and beach clean up events;
  • On-going marine debris monitoring programs;
  • Presentations on the marine debris issue;
  • Workshops on mitigation strategies on marine debris;
  • The Australian Marine Debris Database;
  • Educational resources and clean up materials;
  • CyberTracker training and data collection methods;

If you are interested in joining the Australian Marine Debris Initiative or finding out more send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.