Yarrabah Junior Rangers Program Launches!

To support the opening of the Yarrabah Junior Rangers program, Tangaroa Blue volunteers visited the beautiful coastline of Yarrabah to co-ordinate a clean-up event as part of this exciting weekend. Working alongside the Djunbunji Land and Sea Rangers, over 45 Junior Rangers came together to make a difference to the beach and mangrove system of the region. It was an incredible turn out, with children of all ages joining in to help remove 58.2kgs of rubbish from an area of great importance to all those involved.

The Yarrabah environment is also currently being studied by Botanists and Zoologists from across Australia, and the Junior Rangers were lucky enough to be introduced to some of the creatures that have been found in the area during the week prior to the opening. Similarly, it was very exciting to hear from the Botanists in regards to the incredible diversity of flora in the surrounding bushland, with over 850 species identified and recorded, including a number of plants not recognised by specialists at that time. Some sections of this area currently have the highest conservation protection rating, due to the rare habitat formation and species of flora and fauna occupying that vicinity. Together with the cultural importance of this area, these factors really emphasise the importance of caring for and monitoring the Yarrabah environment and Tangaroa Blue are very eager to continue working with the Yarrabah Junior Rangers in the future to help look after this unique location!

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