Wonga Beach Clean Up by Tractor!

Tangaroa Blue hosted another successful clean up on Wonga Beach on December 8th. After a blissfully hot week in the tropics, the weather gods must have been looking down on us and gave us a cooler south east breeze just as we commenced the clean-up.

With the help from 23 volunteers, including many locals from Wonga Beach, we removed over 460kgs of rubbish from the 4 kilometre beach. Items included 1167 hard bits of plastic, 647 plastic lids, 332 plastic drink bottles and 158 bits of BoM weather balloons. We also removed car tyres, a full 44 gallon drum, numerous chairs and part of a refrigerator door!

The day would not have been successful without the help of many people and organisations. We would like to thank all the volunteers and Scrubber for brining his tractor! Also thanks to Caring for Our Country, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Cairns Regional Council.

Next clean up at Wonga Beach will be on 9th February, 2013 – check our calendar for further details!

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