What an EPIC Clean up – No Plastic Please!

The invite had stated that all participants needed to bring their own refillable waterbottles and that we were going to have a waste free BBQ, and after the waste audit, it all made sense! As part of their annual EPIC Day (Environment, People, Industry and Community), workers from Laing O’Rourke joined forces with Two Hands Project and Living Ocean for the 3rd year.

We chose the same site as last year at the edge of Botany Bay in Sydney, Australia, and with this new group of volunteers we dug in and collected over 1750 pieces of marine debris! This is the spot where the infamous Cooks River meets the Tasman Sea, and much of the debris enters the river system and ultimately the ocean from stormwater drains from many kilometres inland. Amongst it the usual suspects found during the clean up were 92 plastic bottletops, 135 plastic bottles, 258 plastic food wrappers, 55 shopping bags, 42 foam cups and 103 aluminum cans! The complete data will go into the Australian Marine Debris Initiative Database to help find practical solutions that prevent marine debris in our environment.

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