Wanderlust Hits the Sunshine Coast!

As part of the recent Wanderlust festival, Tangaroa Blue partnered with the Sunshine Coast Council, Coolum and North Shore Coastcare, local Traditional Owners, festival participants and the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation to conduct a beach clean-up.

The activity aimed to not only raise awareness around the threat that marine debris poses to our coastal and marine ecosystems but to also empower people to help contribute to collecting data on the types of debris found.

After an initial planning visit to the site at the Twin Waters surf beach, Central Queensland based Tangaroa Blue Representative Shelly McArdle quickly realised that this site was special to the locals when she had to search for any sign of rubbish. Consequently after making enquiries on which groups might be active in the area she contacted Coolum and North Shore Coastcare who did not hesitate to offer to be part of the activity.

CaNSCC representative Edwin Hammet said “ North Shore residents play a big part in keeping the beach clean in addition to the dune revegetation work carried out by our members”.

“CaNSCC members meet regularly to conduct activities like marine debris data collection, dune and bush regeneration, seminars and workshops aimed at children and families, and rescue for stranded turtles and marine mammals. Between November and May, our turtle team records and protects turtle nesting sites from Sunshine Beach to Mooloolaba and collects data on hatching success for the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection” he said.

“It was a wonderful thing to witness and it is quite obvious that this area is important to the community that uses it” Ms McArdle said.

For more information about Coastcare activities in the Coolum/North Shore area visit Coolum and North Shore Coastcare or call 0478 435 377, or if elsewhere on the Sunshine Coast contact Sunshine Coast Council on 5475 7272 or Noosa Council on 53296500.

Thank you to the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation for supporting this event.

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