Town Common Access for a Clean-up!

Conservation Volunteers Australia and Tangaroa Blue joined together in a beach clean-up on Shelly Beach, Townsville on the 22nd of March. We were granted privileged access to the unique location in Town Common Conservation Park by the Department of National Parks. An estimated 90kg of rubbish was cleared from the beach!

Volunteers counted and sorted through 1,204 items. Among this was: 407 broken pieces of glass, 253 hard bits of plastic, 81 plastic drink bottles, 66 aluminium cans, and 41 glass spirit bottles. One particularly interesting piece of rubbish collected was a ballast water bladder from an old boat that had been nearly buried completely in the sand. This beach is a secluded beach, so it is assumed the collected rubbish had been washed in and deposited. Great data for the Tangaroa Blue Foundation’s Australian Marine Debris Initiative Database!

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