Tonnes of Rubbish Found in Hillarys Boat Harbour!

Witches hats, chairs, shoes, kettles and skateboards were among the 2.65 tonnes of rubbish collected during the Hillarys Boat Harbour clean up last weekend.

NARC Dive Club chairman Chris Dodd said 85 people attended the shore clean-up on the Saturday and 65 divers were at the underwater event on Sunday.

“We collected many things – from an iPad to a love note message in a bottle. The total amount of items was 18,943 with cigarette butts being our biggest number hitting 9762,” he said. “A couple of the things that took me by surprise were the 150m of razor wire, the lead acid batteries and one whole Zodiac Tender (inflatable boat).”

He said the event was different from last year’s with the shore and dive clean-up, which meant more smaller items were collected, giving a larger number of pieces found but one tonne less in weight.

“It was important to cover these areas this year to finish the areas we didn’t get to last year and we can now say that it has to be the cleanest marina in Perth above and below the water,” Mr Dodd said.

Making up more than 85 per cent of the rubbish collected were cans (1080), cigarette butts (9,762), glass bottles (830), paper (1334), plastic bottles (617) and plastic pieces (2770).

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