The Story at the Story Bridge

As part of Clean Up Australia Day, a group of 12 enthusiastic Tangaroa Blue volunteers gathered at Captain Burke Park, just below Brisbane’s iconic Story Bridge. In just one hour, we managed to remove 2,063 pieces of debris with a total weight of 14.1 Kg from the “local beach” and surrounding park.

The most abundant item was… mmm… cigarette butts: 990 of them!!

This type of events represent a great opportunity to deliver a clear message to people to take action, not just by actually picking up rubbish, but also by showing them about how small changes in daily consuming habits could make a huge positive change to preserve our oceans, especially by saying NO to single-use plastic. The morning after the event, one volunteer wrote: ‘I had my coffee this morning with no lid on’ and that is a small-BIG victory!

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