The men from ‘The Glen’ have done it again!

At low tide on the 11th of Feb, the team from The Glen took on the challenging task of removing the litter that had collected on the western side of the railway bridge entering Fagans Bay. This was the first time the Clean4Shore program had targeted this particular area, as was evident by the enormous amount of debris found and removed.

Of the mere 150m targeted by the clean up team, an incredible 17,967 individual pieces of debris were collected in just over 3 hours. This included 5,670 pieces of polystyrene, 1,855 food wrappers, 1,645 plastic bottles, and 2,590 plastic bags and fragments.

And to top it all off, not only did this incredible amount of debris get removed from the environment, but the story also got radio coverage drawing much needed attention to the issue of marine debris. Keep track of the Clean4Shore program at

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