The impossible float

The Impossible Float

I was moulded in a kiln by man in a factory by hand the silica mined from sand

The heat I’m moulded to take my very shape, to float upon the the waves and bound by my rope.

Ah my rope my protector we float together upon the waves working as one to stay afloat.

My purpose to float I will do for man to be thrown and fetched by hand for the catch for another man.

I am not just a float for I will break free and set out upon the sea.

What will my journey be, how far will I journey what will I see, whales, birds, turtles all the creatures of the sea.

So many floats out here at sea and sadly not many me.
What happened to me?

I see a float but its not me it’s just plastic out at sea.

I know I am lost now and you will see.
As I float around this sea it’s all plastic I see, why did I break free?

We floated with pride, we worked together with the tide and now it’s plastic on every tide.
Oh why did I break free?

If only I stayed tied for was it me to be the change in the the tide upon the sea.

I lay here naked and bare upon the sand, I survived to now be on the land.

Even here my tides don’t change it’s just more of the same plastic waves I see.

While I lay here washed by the tide, I know I will be blown and moved by one more tide.

I will rest forever on these sands to break to erode to little pieces on the land.

My journey will be finished my own end of life, for I will go back to being just sand.

The impossible float still amazes me, just the numbers and moments blow me away on its journey. We came across this Japanese glass fishing float in Cape York on a remote beach with no access except by chopper. While conducting marine debris surveys of the Cape with the #ReefClean project, a quick glimpse of green shine caught my eye buzzing over auditing and boom! Another journey for the impossible float.
For this glass float to be there on that tide in this spot and survive with no rope protection bouncing around tides and coastlines for decades blows me away.
If you look closer you will also see what else is floating around the ocean.

Created by Tangaroa Blue crew member Brett Tait

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