The Glen Remove 1.58 tonnes from Pelican Island!

The team from The Glen were back on the job at Pelican Island last week as part of the Brisbane Waters Foreshore Program. The mission for the day was to remove an old barge from the mangroves in the bay of the island.

In perfect tidal water the team was eager to get started, with many volunteers being involved in the program for the first time. Simon’s barge was able to be positioned adjacent to the barge for easier loading. Crow bars, sledge hammers and plenty of muscle soon removed the sides, with the flooring cut into manageable pieces, to be lifted for removal.

The second larger barge, partly finished from previous trips, was then slowly dismantled, leaving only a piece of the flooring, remaining before the falling tide made for a quick exit. The flooring piece was floated to a more accessible site, for easier pickup on the next trip.

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