Tangaroa Blue to be a dream job!

Tangaroa Blue volunteers go far out of their way for the environment, the latest lot even came from overseas: 16 American environmental science students and their two teachers tackled Noah Beach in the Daintree rainforest as part of a 6-week uni excursion.

With only some basic background knowledge to begin with these students were up and ready to go at sunrise for a mind-changing day. With contagious enthusiasm they spread over the beach and got to experience first hand what they had only ever heard about or seen on TV: marine debris and plastic pollution.

And whilst they filled their bags with thongs, a rat trap, two pillows and piles of plastic bottles, and dug out and carried heavy ropes, a raft and several camping chairs they bombarded our Tangaroa Blue leader with questions about all this rubbish and a lifestyle that we commonly refer to as ‘progress’.

The keen teens (and twens) then quickly got into the data collection and can now proudly announce that they removed 174.3 kg of rubbish in 25.25 bags, containing 153 plastic drink bottles, 227 plastic lids, 114 rope scraps and cut-offs and over 2,500 items in total.

Their view on marine debris and consumerism changed radically that day. Their gratitude showed what impact this experience had on them, and the last words were: “You are my biggest inspiration. This is my dream job. I want to go home now and start the same.”

Removing rubbish from the beach is one success, but spreading the word and carrying this knowledge and attitude around the world multiplies our impact!

Big thanks to Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours and Ocean Safari for offering their vehicles and a shuttle service to make this event happen!

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