Tangaroa Blue Foundation Partners with Australian Skateboarding

In June, the Tangaroa Blue Foundation welcomed our newest partners,  the Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative (ASCI).

The ASCI have a large community network and following all around Australia, that works to connect skatepark users, Councils, Government, Sponsors and other partners in the development of sustainable skatepark plans which benefit the whole community. Beyond skateboarding, the ASCI ethos extends to environmental stewardship and support for charitable organisations.

The ASCI will connect skateboarding events such as the ‘Rumble on the Reef’ festival in September with Tangaroa Blue Foundation activities.

We are excited to embark on this original partnership with ASCI, connecting and expanding our audiences and bringing light to the issue of marine debris, and in particular single-use plastics.

You can learn more about the Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative on the ASCI website.

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