Bubble Tea SRP

Sustainable Bubble Tea Project Successfully Implemented in Melbourne

Over the past weeks, Project Coordinator Jane has been visiting bubble tea stores to deliver free posters and chat with store managers about the Sustainable Bubble Tea Initiative.

This initiative is a Source Reduction Plan (SRP) being implemented by Tangaroa Blue across Melbourne, initially focusing on the cities of Melbourne, Maribyrnong, and Greater Dandenong areas.

Sustainable Bubble Tea SRP

We have worked closely with @kinoicollection to develop educational resources in English, Chinese and Vietnamese that aim to inform bubble tea customers and staff on how to reduce their litter, promote the use of reusables and support businesses before the Victorian single-use plastic ban starts in February 2023.

The data on litter found in stormwater drains collected through the Let’s Strain the Drain project over the past 2 years, has provided valuable information on litter sources in eight local government areas across Melbourne. Bubble tea litter was recorded in significant quantities in the Melbourne, Maribyrnong and Greater Dandenong areas and highlighted the need to engage with this stakeholder group. KINOI, an innovative reusable bubble tea cup business, provided invaluable knowledge of the typical bubble tea customer base, as well as experience with introducing reusable products to the industry.

We will continue to audit stormwater drains located near bubble tea stores to determine the success of this source reduction plan and shortly launch phase two of the initiative which will promote the use of reusable bubble tea products such as cups, straws and carry bags – stay tuned to hear how you can win a KINOI bubble tea pack!

For more information or to download posters visit: www.sustainablebubbletea.org

 For reusable bubble tea products: www.kinoi.com.au

Sustainable Bubble Tea is a project that aims to reduce bubble tea plastic litter surrounding Port Phillip Bay and to promote reusables. We hope to support Victorians for the upcoming single-use plastic ban in February 2023. This project is supported by the Circular Economy Communities Fund, delivered by Sustainability Victoria on behalf of the Victorian Government. The project is delivered by Tangaroa Blue Foundation and KINOI with support from the Cities of Melbourne, Maribyrnong, and Greater Dandenong.

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