Snapper Island Clean for the Crocs!

Every year we head out to Snapper Island for a full island clean-up, and on November 9th the 2013 event was held. Named Snapper Island because its resemblance to the shape of a crocodile, it’s also very close to the Daintree Rivermouth, and the river’s crocodile population – so well named!

For this year’s clean-up we had 30 volunteers, plus boats and crew from Windswell, HB and local volunteers, and support from the Port Douglas Coast Guard.

In total 2971 items of debris weighing 236kg of debris was removed, which was a pleasant surprise! In September 2012 we removed 304kg and in February 2012 we removed 531kg – so slowly getting less rubbish on the island!

But we would still like to know where the 10 plant pots came from, and the metal beer keg – unfortunately empty!!

Thanks to all the volunteers who came along and helped! Also to Bendigo Bank Port Douglas for funding the event!

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