Facing Island, Bustard Bay and Curtis Island Clean-ups

Three successful island clean-up events have taken place in close succession, led by coordinators Ian and Mike, along with the support of passionate volunteers and local organisations. These clean-ups on Facing Island, Bustard Bay, and Curtis Island have resulted in the removal of significant amounts of debris, highlighting the collective commitment towards preserving our marine ecosystems.

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Funding Empowers Citizen Science: Monitoring Marine Debris Across Queensland

We are excited to announce the publication of scientific paper that highlights the invaluable contributions of the citizen science community in monitoring marine debris across Queensland, Australia. The study sheds light on the major drivers of marine debris and provides a crucial baseline assessment of debris accumulation along the coast.

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New Litter Hero Beach Hand Bins

Littering is a major environmental issue that continues to affect our planet’s health. The increasing amount of waste that ends up in our oceans is not only harmful to marine life but also poses a significant threat to human health. The ReefClean ‘Litter Hero’ campaign has partnered with designer and environmental advocate, Josie Jones to develop a solution to help this problem – the Beach Hand Bin.

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