Oyster barge on rubbish mission

Once again the oyster barge was put to good use: Eight volunteers from Telstra via Corporate Care got their hands dirty and pulled whooping 3 metric tons of derelict oyster products from Fox Bay in northern NSW. The keen helpers had to push the barge through the mud to load it with thousands of oyster sticks, a car bonnet, outdoor tables and boat decking. 70 plastic sheets were buried in the mud and required everyone’s muscles to be pulled out, whilst stacking all that timber on the barge proved to be an advanced Tetris task. Assisted by a big crane the heavy load was later stacked on land for disposal by the National Parks. It was thanks to funding from the NSW Fisheries, Clean4shore and Corporate Landcare that this event could be pulled off. In about 2 weeks the group are planning on removing the outstanding 3 tons of rubbish from the same location.

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