NRM North Staff and Volunteers Clean Up the Tamar!

NRM North staff and volunteers rolled up their sleeves to remove rubbish from the Tamar estuary as part of World Rivers Day celebrations.

Two clean-up events were organised by NRM North’s Tamar Estuary and Esk Rivers (TEER) Program at Swan Point and Riverside on September 26.

The day aimed to raise awareness of the amount of rubbish accumulating in the Tamar and the impact on marine life.

A total of 58 cigarette lighters, 150 bottle lids, 191 plastic drink bottles and 40 plastic bags were among what was collected on the day.

Some of the larger items collected included painted timber with nails, tyres, potties, corflute signs, treated timber posts and pieces of plastic pipe.

The event was so successful, the TEER Program is planning on running regular clean-up days in the future.

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