Monsoon First Flush of Drains & Creeks

It’s really hot up here in the tropics and we are all heading down to our nearest creek and swimming hole to cool off – we are also on the verge of our monsoon wet season starting. So if you are heading out for a swim, please make sure you take all your litter home with you – as soon as the rains start it will take all the rubbish that people have just left at these beautiful cool oasis straight to the ocean and into the Great Barrier Reef.

A huge thanks to Tangaroa Blue volunteer Suz Garrett, who spent her Saturday morning collecting 751 pieces of litter from South Mossman Creek – stopping all this junk from ending up in our ocean as soon as the rains start and all stormwater drains, creeks and rivers get their first flush of the season! The included 22 plastic drink bottles, 15 plastic shopping bags, 94 plastic food packages, 52 sanitary items (toilet paper and nappies), 28 beer bottles, 101 aluminium cans and 67 cardboard food packs.

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