Love Your Beach Melbourne!

Us Aussies love the coast, and that’s why we’ve joined up with Phoenix Organic Drinks for the Love Your Beach clean-up series.

The next event will be held on the banks of the Yarra River in Westgate Park in Melbourne on Sunday March 29. This stretch of the the Yarra River is just a couple of kilometres from where it flows into famous Port Phillip Bay.

With close to 100% of the litter found on Port Phillip beaches coming from land-based sources, the Yarra River is one of the main tributaries that links the litter from Melbourne’s streets to the debris along the coastline.

The Friends of Westgate Park regularly clean-up this area, but there’s always more coming from upstream!

Members from Tangaroa Blue and Friends of Westgate Park will be joined by Beach Patrol, Port Phillip EcoCentre and local volunteers for the event which is open to everyone who loves your beach!

Meeting at 9am at the Westgate Punt, volunteers need to wear shoes, bring sun/rain protection and drinking water. All clean-up materials will be provided and a free BBQ with yummy Phoenix drinks will be held after the event for volunteers!

For more information and to register send us an email or call 0410 166 684.

Thanks to Phoenix and all our local partners for supporting this event!

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