LIPS Members at Wonga Beach

The day started off with one of the highest tides of the year but we arrived as it was on its way back out again, and the debris all left along the high tide mark for collection. After our safety brief,13 volunteers headed off in groups, some went south, others went north. Claire stayed to man the fort and start recording data on the CyberTracker as full bags were bought back.

Along the way we found a dead Caspian Tern, 2 old turtle shells and cuttlefish eggs wrapped around some seaweed. We thought we had found a dinghy but turns out it belonged to one of the locals, Andrew Solomon, who apparently is doing great things towards protecting our sea country! Our main findings were glass and plastic bottles, hard remnant plastics and lids. We also found a security tag, a cane table, 1 car tyre, half a foam buoy, German tissue packet and a kiwi kids cap. In total we had 9 bags full to the brim. Claire did a really great job keeping up with the recording of data and a huge thank you to everyone who attended, with out you guys these events don’t happen!

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