Joining forces to clean up our coastal environment

The coming summer months will bring the ‘tourist’ out in all of us as we head to the local waterways to enjoy the great outdoors and get some relief from the heat. One thing to be aware of, is to collect litter in our natural environment during the tourist season, as plastics are a major threat to our ocean life and every piece less that goes into the ocean is a bonus.

Everyone can do their bit by just picking up every piece of litter that can be seen and on December 3rd branches of the community marine conservation group, Ocean & Coastal Care Initiatives (OCCI) organised a “Marine Debris Survey” at sites in central NSW including Terrigal, Copacabana, Lake Macquarie and Port Stevens.

“As well as collecting rubbish from our lakes and beaches, this clean-up is designed to go that one step further,” said event co-ordinator, Linda Roberts. “All of the collected litter was recorded and sent to a national data-base for marine debris, organised by Tangaroa Blue Foundation. The idea is to find out the origin of our local marine litter so that steps can be taken to reduce debris at its source.”

So what did make up the marine debris collected along NSW’s central coast?

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