International Coastal Clean Up Day

Saturday morning at Manly Cove was a rockin’ success! Tangaroa Blue Foundation joined Manly Sea Life Sanctuary in their International Coastal Clean Up Day, kicking the school holidays off with a great start.

The 250 metre beach was filled with volunteers joining together to beachcomb Manly Cove, removing any debris in their path. The major pollutants were found to be micro plastics – with over 800 pieces collected!

Next on the list of yucky pollutants were cigarette butts, with over 700 collected! Single-use plastic food packaging followed on the list with over 523 plastic wraps, containers and packets collected, and this number doesn’t even include the 41 plastic bags collected as well. The last, but certainly not least major category represented was straws, with over 280 straws removed from just this 250 metre beach.

Manly Cove is now much safer for marine life and cleaner for residents and visitors to enjoy safely! What an awesome day of effort we had, many hands certainly made for light work. Thanks to all who helped make the day a success!

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