Hunter’s beach combing treasures

Report from Rhedyn Dekker and son Hunter.

We choose Point Anne, St Mary’s inlet east of Bremer Bay as our campsite to celebrate the Australia Day long weekend our coast lines are the most beautiful serene places in the world. Its heart breaking to find people don’t respect it and look after it I personally like to leave a place better then I found it leaving only footprints:)

After soaking up the Australia day beautiful weather we spent the next two days picking up other peoples rubbish on the first day we travelled east from Point Anne to Point Charles we got to the End of the beach to where we could no longer 4WD and unfortunately filled our ute with Ropes, nets, bottles, hard hats, plastic, foam, cans, buckets, car parts, glass, shoes, pallets with 3inch nails sticking out, plastic pallet wrap, bags, oil bottles, the list could go on 🙁 Id say half from boats dumping and half from lazy beach goers with out a care for our beautiful coastline and wildlife we even found dead animals as a result from human rubbish 🙁

Day two we headed back towards the beautiful Bremer Bay from Point Anne along Triglow beach, again we got to the furtherest point we could 4wd coming up to the salmon camp where we off loaded some of the ropes so we had room to pick up more, turned around and drove back to our camp on the way back we could have easily filled the ute 5 x times over coming across dump sights in the dunes where it looked as tho people had just taken a tip truck and emptied a years worth of rubbish its heart breaking too see, trying to teach my 3 year old to recycle and not litter and to appreciate his environment, he loved beach combing, in amongst the rubbish he managed to get himself a yellow sand scoop, a ball and several hard hats for his friends to play with he woke up today asking if we could go find more rubbish and toys to play with! Parenting win 😀

We informed the local Ranger of rubbish haul and he said he would have to fetch a trailer to pick it for us as we couldn’t take it with us being 2+ ute loads we also seen other people had done as we have and stacked another pile at the foot of the dunes Point Anne side of trigalow beach which restores faith in humanity! hopefully everybody that reads this story are inspired to go pick up some rubbish try and find themselves some beach treasure like my son did and take with them their rubbish leave only footprints #oneworld a few people have tagged on my post some awesome environmentally friendly sights.

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