“Godfather” watching over another Clean4Shore clean-up

Nine tough Green Army volunteers in the Gosford area (NSW) picked a beautiful, sunny early April day for some challenging work at Empire Bay through the Clean4Shore program. Soon, the “Green” Army turned into a “brown” army as they entered the muddy mangroves and ploughed through deep sludge to collect all the rubbish caught between the roots. It was not only the humming brigade of mosquitoes that made the day hard, but also the almost 900kg of debris that these experienced crew pulled out of the mud. As per usual in this area, big piles of oyster products were removed, but also 880 plastic bottles, 230 beer stubbies and a mysterious 100 rubber balls. The glass bottles are an indication for littering or camping along the foreshore and show once more that if people cleaned up after their own activities a lot of rubbish would be prevented from ending up in the environment and getting washed into the ocean. However, amongst all the big numbers the “big find” of the day was not a bulky and heavy item, but a Godfather DVD case! Funding was provided for the event from the Gosford City Council.

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