Eco Barge Clean Up Workshop South Molle Island

Eco Barge Services is held a successful clean up workshop with volunteers on February 8th, 2010.

In light winds the eight volunteers and two crew met at Edges Boatyard at 7.30am for Pine Bay on South Molle Island in the Whitsundays. The day was run not only to remove marine debris, but to also run a workshop for volunteers to learn how to document the data recording what was found. Tangaroa Blue is proud to partner with Eco Barge for this event, which was made possible through a Caring for Our Country Grant.

Volunteers expeced a large amount of debris due to king tides and 30-40kt northerly winds at the end of January, and they weren’t surprised with the 323kg of rubbish that they collected.

Our total tally for marine debris collected for this day was 323 Kilos. Volunteers collected 36 bags, a lounge and 20 meters of ships rope from this area.

This was a very successful day; and volunteers enjoyed learning about the Australian Marine Debris Database and were intrested in what were the most items collected for this bay.

Thank you to our sponsor Tangaroa Blue Foundation for helping the Eco Barge and volunteers to remove 323 kilos from our local aquatic environment.

Report from Libby Edge, Founder of Eco Barge Services.

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