Detailing Data Entries

The AMDI Database is an extensive platform which, as of May 2019, contains over 13.5 million recorded items. At the clean-up level, each of these debris items are sorted and counted, then uploaded onto the Database in their item groups. For example, the “Straws, confection sticks, cups, plates & cutlery items” group. These items are grouped together as they are all food-related, but as this is a broad category, there’s great potential for the user to add more detail.

This is done by giving a specific categorization of each item in the Notes Section of the category, outlined in the example below. There are several categories where further detail can be added.

Recording this additional information on the items opens a more detailed data set and can assist in the development of item type or brand-specific Source Reduction programs.

You can even add branding in the labels data fields, which can open conversations with product distributors. However, you will need to enter these individually and check the Label box to add the branding details as shown in the example below.

Adding details and descriptions to your data will help increase our understanding of types and sources of marine pollution. Not only does each data point represent the removal of pollution from our oceans but also defines and shapes how we can effectively solve our plastic pollution problem.



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