Counting Colourful Confetti!

Once more, Tangaroa Blue set their foot on a beach that has not seen a clean-up in over three years: Myall Beach in beautiful Cape Tribulation, QLD, was our target for Clean Up Australia Day on the March 7th.

15 dedicated volunteers – some of them drove almost three hours to be part of it – tackled the 2 km stretch of beach, equipped with bags, trolleys, pick-up tools and an incredible amount of patience.

On the beach we found all the essentials for a relaxing weekend – a camping chair, diving fins, a bong and a big barrel of olive oil from SE-Asia for the hungry ones, but also countless tiny pieces of broken plastic that were scattered amongst the pumice like confetti.

138 kg of rubbish were removed and over 6500 items collected. Out of these, 4000 were plastic remnants. This means 4000 times bending down, picking up a colourful chip the size of your fingernail and maybe saving a bird that otherwise would eat said chip. It was a hot and sweaty day, but Cape Tribulation rewarded the hard working crew with a crystal clear swimming hole in a rainforest creek and a half-sponsored lunch from a nearby cafe to recharge and cool down after the clean up. What a way to end the day!

Thanks to Ocean Safari for lending us their trolleys, Mason’s Cafe for giving our volunteers a discount at lunch and a swim and our awesome volunteers for their efforts once again in the heat of the tropics!

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