Conservation Volunteers Broome, Western Australia

Conservation Volunteers is Australia’s leading practical conservation organisation.

Since 1982 Conservation Volunteers has fulfilled its mission to attract and manage a force of volunteers in practical conservation projects for the betterment of the Australian environment.

Between November and Febuary CVA Broome, as part of its Wild Future program, commences several marine turtle projects, focusing on the nesting activity of the flatback turtle (Natator depressus) on Cable Beach, Eco Beach and 80 Mile Beach. The Eco Beach Project was carried out in conjunction with the Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat and the two 80 Mile Beach projects with the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC). Marine debris studies have been an important part of this work and our CVA volunteer teams are happy to have made a huge contribution in cleaning up our beautiful beaches here in the north-west of WA.

Marine debris poses massive threats to all marine creatures both through ingestion and entaglement. To many turtles, discarded plasitc bags, styrofoam, baloons and packaging material may resemble sea jellies, one of the main food sources for marine turtles. Sharp plastic fragments, glas and metal, once ingested, can cut stomachs and intestines, potentionally causing internal infections. Swallowing of these non-digestable items can cause stomach blockages, while at the same time making the animal think it’s full so that it slowly starves to death or is too weakened to survive.

CVA intends to include ongoing beach clean-ups in the upcoming season as part of all our coastal projects.

To find out more information on how you can become involved in these and other CVA programs, contact the Broome Office of Conservation Volunteers Australia on 08 9192 6198 or email

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