Conservation Volunteers Australia Clean Up Cooktown

The beaches in Far North Queensland are being targeted for practical care through a combined project by Conservation Volunteers Australia, Tangaroa Blue Foundation, the Cape York Marine Advisory Group and the local Cooktown school.

On the 2nd December volunteers joined to help create a better earth by helping out at a marine debris clean up at Archer Point, just south of Cooktown.

The clean up took about 3 hours to complete and volunteers collected over 1015 items of rubbish weighing approximately 99 kilograms from just 200 metres of beach!

A survey of the marine debris was conducted compiling the following totals.

Archer Point Clean Up Data Collection

December 2nd 2008

Plastic Bags 34 Plastic Bag Remnants 15 Balloons 1 Broken Glass 2
Shoes 113 Glass Drink Bottles 12 Clothing 4 Glass Jars 2
Paper 2 Plastic Drink Bottles 166 Toys 2 Aerosol Cans 4
Binding 2 Alumimium Cans 8 Pens 3 Food Wrap 6
Buoys 7 Lids/Bottletops/Corks 127 Glasses 1 Plastic Wrap 1
Fishing Line 4 Cups/Plates/Cutlery 5 Nets 9 Bleach Bottles 35
Fish Lures 1 Plastic Containers 38 Tarps 2 Cylumes 2
Bait Bands 12 Polystyrene Foam 46 Rope m 51 Light Bulbs 2
Broom 1 Pieces of Plastic 231 Rubber 3 Oil Bottles 18
Pipe 1 Fishing Rod/Reel 8 Torch 1 Cable Tie 1
Car Parts 4 Electrical Cable 2 Wood 3 Batteries 1
Brush 2 Cigarette Lighter 4 Metal 1 Toothbrush 12
Razor 1 Tyres 1

Volunteering with Conservation Volunteers Australia is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, meet new people and learn new skills – while making a real difference to the environment. You choose the level of your commitment, and can enjoy the experience with family and friends.

Conservation Volunteers Australia is Australia’s leading organisation for practical conservation, completing more than 2000 conservation projects across Australia every year.

Conservation Volunteers Australia welcomes everyone who shares a love of the outdoors and a commitment to the Australian environment. To get involved Freecall 1800 032 501 and

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