Chidley Point Clean Up Australia Day

Thanks to everyone for making Sunday’s clean-up a very successful event. Keep Australia Beautiful WA, EarthCarers, The Town of Mosman Park and Tangaroa Blue were joined by 80 volunteers, as well as 10 divers from Perth Scuba doing their bit under the water for Clean Up Australia Day at Chidley Point.

Our litter audit of just 5% of the bags showed the item littered most was paper and cardboard and paper packaging, glass beer bottles and broken bottles (many retrieved by my colleague Adam and family on the slope in front of where cars are parked), plastic plates, cutlery, straws and plastic drink bottles.

In total volunteers picked up 45 bags with an estimated weight of 270 kg! Volunteers also consumed 60 cups of coffee and managed to polish off all the morning tea on offer!

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