Celebrate the Sea in Townsville

The NQ Dry Tropics annual Celebrate the Sea Festival was held on March 2nd celebrating both Clean Up Australia Day and National Seaweek.

Hundreds of Townsville residents joined the clean up event at Pallarenda beach and then the party at Robertson Park.

Over the course of the morning, Tangaroa Blue volunteers were also able to sort and count the rubbish collected during the clean up, and over 3,241 items were removed from the beach. Plastic debris was the source of 63% of the debris collect, with 2,049 plastic items recorded.

Some of the most abundant debris items were:

  • 455 Plastic film remnants/soft plastics
  • 459 Pieces of hard plastic
  • 353 Plastic Lids and tops
  • 297 Plastic food packaging and containers
  • 203 Paper and Cardboard packaging
  • 152 Aluminium cans
  • 125 Plastic drink bottles
  • 114 Plastic straws
  • 114 foam cups, food packs and trays
  • 111 broken pieces of glass
  • 108 Tetra packs and drink cartons

At the end of the clean up, we were able to fill 8 yellow recycling bags and 8 white rubbish bags, with various larger items next to them. The total recycling weight was an estimated 25.5 kilos, and an estimated 54 kilos of rubbish, making it a total of 79.5 estimated kilos of rubbish cleaned up from Pallarenda beach.

A great effort by everyone involved!

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