“Bag It” Movie Comes to the South West!

Every year more than 6 million tonnes of debris enters our oceans and waterways. This number is horrifying enough, but add to that the 276 species of marine animals and seabirds that are impacted through entanglement and ingestion of this debris, then we really start to see what our unsustainable reliance on one time use packaging and plastics are doing to our ocean environment.

To promote the 2011 WA Beach Clean Up event and highlight the threat of marine debris and what we can do to help prevent it, Heidi Taylor from Tangaroa Blue Foundation will be joining with Tim Silverwood from ‘Take 3 – A Clean Beach Initiative‘ to showcase the documentary “Bag It” throughout WA’s south west in the beginning of October.

The events are being coordinated by Debbie Thompson who runs One Earth, One Planet, a company promoting sustainable alternatives to conventional plastic packaging. Debbie is a long time supporter of the WA Beach Clean Up and of initiatives to reduce plastic pollution.

Bag It” follows “everyman” Jeb Berrier as he tries to make sense of our dependence on plastic bags. Although his quest starts out small, Jeb soon learns that the problem extends past landfills to oceans, rivers and ultimately human health.

The film explores these issues and identifies how our daily reliance on plastic threatens not only waterways and marine life, but human health, too. Two of the most common plastic additives are endocrine disruptors, which have been shown to link to cancer, diabetes, autism, attention deficit disorder, obesity and infertility.

Join the wave of people who are working towards protecting our marine environment. Remember everyone can make a difference! What difference will you decide to make!

“Bag It” Movie Screening Details

  • Tuesday 11th October – Perth, Northbridge Piazza. Spaceship Earth Film Festival – 7pm
  • Thursday 13th October – Freemantle, Curtin University Sustainable Policy Institute – 5.30pm
  • Friday 14th October – Dunsborough, Three Bears Bar – 7pm
  • Saturday 15th October – Bunbury, The Koombana Sailing Club, Anchorage Cove – 7pm
  • Saturday 4th November – Geraldton – CityHive – 6.15pm

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