Another great day out for the Cape Kimberley Beach Clean Up!

We had a few passing showers but they disappeared as quick as they came for our quarterly Cape Kimberley Clean Up. The tide was high on arrival but by the time we got started it had receded enough for us to get on the beach and cross the creek with no problems at all. We found a huge fishing net which had to be cut up before dragging it back along the beach. Also among the mangroves a very well constructed raft was found which was of course too big to drag back up the beach and the south easterly deterred us from any adventurous thoughts of paddling it back. We removed a total of 6,844 items weighing 215 kg and filling 28 bags from approximately 2km of beach!

Most common items 2850 remnant hard plastic pieces, 907 plastic lids, 913 bits of polystyrene foam, 393 plastic drink bottles and 241 pieces of Bureau of Meteorology weather balloon targets!

One of our dedicated volunteers, Amber wrapped the day up perfectly! “The main reason I volunteer with clean ups is I believe that every bit helps, every piece of rubbish removed from our beautiful beaches makes a difference. I enjoy spending the day at such beautiful locations, especially Cape Kimberley, and feeling happy at the end of the day knowing that we have made a difference. Jacob (10) loves to look after the environment, he loved collecting along the beach and even finding some interesting things washed up. I believe and hope that through having children assist in the clean ups that they will make caring for our environment a big part in their lives and encourage their friends as well.”

Thanks to all the 16 volunteers that came from Cairns and Port Douglas – you guys are awesome!!

We also had the pleasure of having Rich from Cuckoo Crew Productions with us, a filmmaker from the UK who has been filming our activities recently to put together a promotional video for Tangaroa Blue Foundation – we can’t wait to see the finished product!

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