ACTIV active at Hamelin Bay!

On the 23rd November Tangaroa Blue joined forces with the local Margaret River ACTIV Industry youth group to clean up a section of Hamelin Bay. It was a beautiful summer’s day, the beach was busy with tourists enjoying the warm weather. A group of 10 volunteers, led by Renee Mouritz from Tangaroa Blue spent about an hour scouring the beach, removing 6kg of rubbish from a 300m stretch. They then retreated to the shade under the boat ramp to have a closer look at what they’d found. The number one item collected was rope fragments, with over 70 pieces picked up, some of which were dug up from where they were buried in the sand. Interestingly a lone slipper found during the clean up was matched up with its pair which had been found during a clean up in the same area 2 months before!! The group will use the rope they collected during the clean up in a basket weaving activity this weekend.

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