A Wet One at Avoca Lake with OCCI!

What a wet day! It was torrential, BUT we still had 16 OCCI (Ocean and Coastal Care Initiatives) Central Coast members turn up to tackle debris on the fringes of our lovely lagoon.

Mick Kilp, a member of our group, who runs a kayaking venture on the lagoon and works constantly to keep its waters pristine supplied the kayaks and set up the venture with bags and gloves whilst Janice McTackett organised the round up of volunteers AND provided a yummy lunch with the help of husband Les. Thanks Guys.

Whist we spent about 2 hours actually out collecting, counting at the end, then socialising for a while we actually spent about 4.5 hours at the site. Whilst much of the debris was ciggarette butts, drink bottles and food packaging there was an odd assortment of clothing, shoes, a couple of tyres, a bin, a fishing rod, a wheel barrow and a charmingly decorated glass bottle covered in barnacles.

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